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Lovingly handmade ceramics and jewellery by blue mountains artist Ingrid Russell


Iggiruss Design

Iggiruss Designs is based in Glenbrook, in the Lower Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia, and is the creative outlet for artist Ingrid Russell, who has been trading as Iggiruss Designs since 2010.

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Each ceramic piece is hand made using earthenware or stoneware clay and glazes, kiln fired and hand finished. Ingrid creates a range of ceramic work including pendants, flowers, plant pots, vases, small sculptures, mobiles and tiles, as well as mugs, bowls, plates and platters.

All jewellery pieces are designed and handmade by Ingrid, with love and care, reflecting her philosophy of creating unique wearable art, as statement pieces, which would compliment and enhance any wardrobe. No two pieces are alike as the natural properties of the materials used differ in each creation.

Quality materials sourced from around the globe, with attention to natural and sustainable sources. Ingrid uses 100% pure silk, Tibetan silver beads, hand fired lamp work glass beads, 100% cotton, and other materials in her works. Ingrid’s pieces are made with attention to detail, wearability and durability.



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